Florida Teen Arrested After Stealing Police Weapons, Flaunting Them Online

Florida teen arrested after stealing AR-15 and tactical gear from unmarked sheriff's vehicle

A 17-year-old male has been arrested after police say he stole an AR-15 and tactical gear from a Palm Beach Sheriff's deputy's unmarked police car. 

The suspect was arrested by Boynton Beach police late Saturday after the teen reportedly flaunted the stolen weapons and gear during an Instagram live stream while dancing to rap music according to the Miami Herald. 

Records show the deputy reported the items stolen to Boynton Beach police on Aug 14 after leaving his unmarked cruiser at a shopping plaza for a few hours. 

Among some of the items stolen from the cruiser were two loaded magazines, a gas mask, Taser, a ballistic helmet, and rifle clips. 

The live stream the teenager launched gave police grounds for the search warrant. Police say detectives discovered the stolen items under the suspect's mattress. 

The 17-year-old faces grand theft and burglary while armed with a firearm, and is currently being held at a juvenile detention center. 

Photo: Boynton Beach Police Department. 

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