This Week's Weird News 5/28/21

Possible thermal images of Australia's Bigfoot, a 9/11-themed bar, and a man in Spain who died inside a dinosaur statue were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this past week.

Easily the weirdest story of the week came by way of Texas, where a bar owner found himself at the center of controversy after it was discovered that he had rebranded his establishment with a 9/11 theme. Brent Johnson had actually enacted the strange makeover back in 2013 in what he says is an effort to ensure that people never forget that fateful day. The curious concept, which includes pictures of the burning Twin Towers displayed on the restaurant's walls, largely went unnoticed until a local resident posted pictures of 'Bar9Eleven' to Twitter, setting off a firestorm of criticism from astounded social media users who argued that, regardless of his intent, the idea is in incredibly bad taste.

This past week saw an intriguing new development in the search for Australia's version of Bigfoot, known as the Yowie, as researchers Down Under revealed a series of thermal images that, they contend, show the elusive cryptid hiding behind some trees. The potential evidence seemingly shows the heat signature of a nine-foot-tall creature that had been silently lurking near a group looking for the elusive beast in one of the country's state forests. Given the promising results of their expedition, the team may wish to consider venturing up to Oklahoma where it was announced this week that the controversial bounty on Bigfoot has now ballooned to $3 million.

One of the more unsettling stories we've seen in a while occurred this past week in Spain where the body of a missing man was discovered inside of a stegosaurus statue. Authorities believe that the unfortunate individual had somehow lost his cellphone inside the piece and made the ill-advised decision to climb into the faux dinosaur to retrieve it. Sadly, that is when tragedy struck, as the man wound up stuck upside down in one of the statue's legs, where he perished. The man, who was subsequently reported missing by his family a few days later, was eventually discovered by a father and son who were playing near the piece.

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