Madonna Slams Lawsuit, Says Real Fans Know What To Expect At Concerts

Photo: Getty Images

Madonna is once again hitting back at a lawsuit filed by fans who were upset about the late starting times at her recent concerts.

According to legal documents recently obtained by TMZ, the Queen of Pop said her real fans know what to expect when coming to one of her shows, including that she often runs late and that the start time listed on tickets is not a guarantee of when she will actually get on stage.

"If a fan is familiar enough with Madonna's concert history to know her performances run for two hours and fifteen minutes, that fan would surely know that Madonna typically takes the stage well after the ticketed event time (after an opening act, set transition, and so on) and plays late into the night," Madonna's team said in the new docs, asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

Madonna's response comes after a class action lawsuit was filed earlier this year by a fan who claimed she didn't take the stage for her December 2023 Celebration Tour stops in Brooklyn until 10:30 p.m., two hours later than she was supposed to. She and her team previously responded to the suit, saying the December 13 show got a late start due to a technical issue during soundcheck that was "well-documented in press reports at the time."

The "Material Girl" singer is also facing another lawsuit, filed last week by a fan who claims Madonna forced concertgoers to watch "sexual acts" on stage and subjected audiences to "pornography without warning" during her Celebration Tour stops in California.

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