Lawmakers Have Concerns About How COVID Updates Are Dished Out By The State

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Some Florida lawmakers have concerns about changes to how often the state reports COVID information.

Senator Lori Berman is concerned about changes with regards to how COVID-19 updates are handled.

"The state has switched to no longer dealing with daily reporting of COVID numbers and we're just going to have weekly reporting."

The Boynton Beach Democrat cited a recent third surge in cases elsewhere, linked to a variant that originated in India for her worries.

"I have some concerns because we saw a surge in Michigan and if we have like a surge because of variants or something when we're only doing weekly reporting, we could be behind the eight ball. And that's not where we want to be. We want to be ahead."

Health officials in Michigan say that surge has ended.

West Palm Beach Democrat Congresswoman Lois Frankel echoes Berman's concerns.

She says not only are those updates going from daily to weekly, hospitals are no longer required to report coronavirus admissions and deaths. She thinks she knows why the changes were made.

"This is a way of this governor hiding what's going on with morbidity and deaths with severe cases."

Palm Beach County Administrator Verdenia Baker says the Health Department in the county has a close relationship with the hospitals and she's confident they would keep the county updated anyway.

The comments were made during a virtual roundtable discussion on Thursday focused on how local cities are planning to spend funding from the American Rescue Plan that was passed by Congress in March.

We've reached out to the governor's office regarding Frankel's comments, but have not heard back.