Foundation Named For College Student Killed In Haiti Earthquake Expands

Britney Gengel-Be Like Brit Foundation

Photo: Be Like Brit Foundation

This week marked the 12-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake that claimed over 200,000 lives including several from Florida.

Among them, four students and two faculty members from Lynn University in Boca Raton. The mother of one of those students, Britney Gengel, says the foundation she started in her daughter's memory is expanding to South Florida.

Kids from the non-profit's orphanage in Haiti will be able to visit for school or work on a temporary basis.

"A generous donor donated and we just bought a piece of property in Delray (Beach) and that will be another transition home for the children that want to come and go to school in the area or do an internship. It will be safe place for them to stay."

It's part of the non-profit's Transition Program.

Cherylann Gengel with the Be Like Brit Foundation says donations to help with the building process or to help with the program that continues in Haiti are always appreciated through the non-profit's website.

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