Florida Police Chief Says Guns Taken From Cars On About A Weekly Basis

We recently reported on several guns being stolen from vehicles in Martin County, and in all of those cases the crooks just had to pull on the door handle.

It's not a problem unique to any one community. Palm Beach Gardens Police Chief Clint Shannon tells us the crime happens in his city as well.

"It's a constant struggle for us not only with guns being taken out of cars but with everything being taken out of cars. And quite frequently it is cars left unlocked."

He says a gun is taken from a car on about a weekly basis and this even happens in gated communities, where residents tend to have a sense of security. In some cases, the thieves are climbing over fences to get in and take advantage of that false sense of security.

Chief Shannon's message for residents...

"The simplest thing that we can always tell and urge everybody to do is first of all not to leave any valuables or certainly a firearm in the car, but very quite simply is just to lock your vehicle."

He says often times residents even leave their key fobs in their cars and urges folks not to do that as well.

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