Man arrested for pointing "simulated weapon" at Florida business owner

A Florida man has been arrested for pointing a "simulated weapon" at a man who caught him rummaging through his car outside of his Miami-Dade business.

On January 11th, 32-year-old Miami resident Alex Telemaque entered a 2017 Infinity Q50 parked outside of a business on the 1900 block of NE 3rd Court.

The owner of the car was inside his business when he saw Telemaque rifling through his car.

When the man went outside to confront him, Telemaque began throwing items from inside the vehicle; before pointing what appeared to be a gun at the victim.

Local 10 News "once I got to the front door, he jumps up and points what looks like a gun at me. I thought I was going to have to shoot someone. The first thought I had was that I didn’t know if he was alone.”

The business owner was also armed, but took refuge inside his business rather than engaging in a gunfight after deciding it was safer to go inside and wait for police to arrive.

According to police, some of the items Telemaque threw from the car caused a glass window to break.

Telemaque faces charges of criminal mischief, burglary, and aggravated assault with a firearm despite police calling it a “simulated weapon.”

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