Jeffrey T. Mason

Jeffrey T. Mason

I'm Jeffro...and here's my story. Let me know yours! Thanks so much for listening every weekday. I appreciate you!Full Bio

Episode 1388 - James Gray

Party In My Mouth

Conan chats with Visa from Finland about coffee, the sauna, and playing in a metal band.



Kyle Dunnigan

Tony Robbin's birthday, bombing on cruise ships, and a chaotic SNL audition with Kyle Dunnigan.

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Amazon Music Presents: Baby, This is Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer has questions for days, about everything under the sun. From the existential to the inconsequential. From pop culture to pop science. From the meaning of life to the meaning of W.A.P. From life in outer space to “Where the eff is Tom from MySpace?“ And everything in between. Because Baby, this is Keke Palmer, and she is here for All. Of. It. 

Each week, the multi-talented Keke is taking you on a journey down the rabbit hole on a topic that she cannot stop obsessing over. She’ll also get deep with special guests, trying to answer the questions that keep us up at night. We are getting INTO IT. Only on Amazon Music.

Listen to Baby, this is Keke Palmer:

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"Rian Johnson"

Pull those Knives Out and lay some Brick: it’s writer/director Rian Johnson. We discuss ‘making movies with a bunch of friends,’ and a hairy Yul Brynner. Plus, anonymous caller “Scotty” chimes in with questions! Grab your Green Milk; it’s an all new SmartLess.

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Episode 1387 - Rob Delaney / Sam Lipsyte

Stephen Colbert Live at the Beacon Theater

Stephen Colbert feels put upon about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.


Stephen sits down with Conan live at the Beacon Theater to discuss dalliances in Italy, playing the egomaniac, and visiting an airbase in northern Greenland. Plus, Conan answers audience questions about being a lumberjack, his favorite sounds, what he’d put in his museum, and more.


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Gene Simmons | Club Random with Bill Maher

Bill Maher and Gene Simmons randomly riff on men being able to get pregnant, Gene’s secrets to beat aging, the only two things that Bill and Gene really enjoy, Gene’s legendary battles back in the day, Bill’s take on how people are like bumper cars, the event that happened to Young Bill to make him focus on work, whether it’s possible for rock stars to be faithful, and how Gene doesn’t have friends. 

Episode 1386 - Live with David Baddiel

Need, By Conan O'Brien

Conan chats with Edom from Ethiopia about crafting scented candles and perfumes and what Conan would choose as his signature scent.


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