Top 10 Weirdest Looking Creatures on Earth!


Photo: Getty Images

Make sure you check out this link to see these WEIRD, and sometimes very CREEPY looking creatures!

The Top 10 Weirdest Looking Creatures in the World -

  1. The Blob Fish - Exactly like what it sounds!
  2. Sea Pig - fits in your hand and has no brain like a jellyfish!
  3. Pacu Fish - has teeth like a human!
  4. Indian Purple Frog - looks like a bloated slimy toad mixed with a mole!
  5. Glaucus Atanticus - A small blue sea slug
  6. Thorny Dragon - has a false head it shows to predators
  7. Venezuelan Poodle Moth - looks like a mini dog with hairy wings and a body
  8. Dumbo Octopus - looks like a cartoon
  9. Goblin Shark - scary looking!
  10. Axolotl - also known as a Mexican Walking Fish, but it isn't a fish and looks like a Pokemon

See them all here!

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