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KPHT Jingle Bell Rock clue explanations

JBR CLUE explanation for 2021

On-Air 1

Over 50 years of this Rock Hunting Game and Clue Number 1 is close to the same.....Don't ask your Mother, don't ask your Daughter....The Jingle Bell Rock is not hidden near water.....

(Always pretty much the same clue...just lets everyone know the hunt is on)

Exclusive Clues

Finding the Rock is always quite the test....For this year's big prize, look to the west....

(West of I-25 the address is 106 West 24th St)

This clue right here may help with your find.....look nearby you'll see more of it's kind!

(More rocks in the area)

Every Christmas this time of the year, it's Pueblo's big hunt......Now act like a player and go ahead you must punt!

(KDZA-AM is one of our radio stations in the building and is home of the Broncos and CSU-P Football)

On Air 2:

Things are heating up, they're starting to get tense.......Keep searching and focusing right near the fence.....

(The Rock was right near the fence)



A great holiday filled with presents and treats...To find this years prize, stay away from the streets.....

(It was away from the street)


It's flowers for mom and a tie for dad....this is the clue that may drive you mad......

(Close to railroad ties in the Parking Lot of the radio station)


You're wrapping and filling each holiday box....Over 50 years.... that's a lot of great rocks....

(Around other rocks and 13 "50" KDZA is in the building)

On-Air 3

Here's a Rock clue that may help you some more......Around it's location the numbers one two three four!

(21st, 22nd, 23rd 24th Streets to get to the rock location)

Exclusive Clues for Thursday:


The clues are coming faster and we know you want more.......For the holiday prize you'll need to look near a door...

(Rock was right near the back Door of the station)


The Jingle Bell Rock is loaded with prizes for both girl and guy......There are plenty of great gifts so dad won't get an old tie....

(Once again, railroad ties just a few feet away)


The Prizes are great if you make the big find.....To find this years Rock, you'll need to go back behind....

(Behind the radio stations)

ON-Air 4

Santa is getting ready and so are his deer.......The Rock is located where Garth was near...

(Garth was played over and over when KCCY was in the same building)

Exclusive Clue Christmas Eve 1

The hunting continues as you look for a lead....Be sure and hunt closely around each and every weed....

(Lots of weeds behind the station)

Exclusive Clue 2

St Nick is getting ready to leave the North Pole.....Finding this year's Rock....The ultimate goal....

(Broncos and CSU-P station KDZA 1350)

On-Air 5

The Jingle Bell Rock didn't vanish in thin air.....Keep looking and searching but only if you dare.......

(Air as in On Air)

The Garth clue had a lot of people come over to the station location and look around...Also the very first Rock was hidden right near the old KDZA Studios near the Mesa Junction....

The location where the Rock was hidden will be going away once CDOT starts construction on I-25...This will be the last time it could be hidden in this location.

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