I have been a Portland boy my whole life attending Vernon Grade School, (whew, made it through the 8th grade). In the 7th grade I made my radio debut on KBPS (located at Benson High School where I starred as "Bobby" in the radio play "Spark, of the Pony Express". That experience led me to apply to attend Benson Tech where I enrolled in their KBPS radio program. That's where I really caught the radio bug.

After I graduated from Benson Tech I did a short stint at Mt. Hood Community College. Working as a full time store detective at Newberry's, J.K. Gill and Woolworth's at the Lloyd Center I landed a part time radio gig in Lebanon, Oregon, three months later in November of 1977 I was hired at the legendary 62KGW in Portland. Once I got the key to THAT building, no one was going to take it away. I spent the next 4 and a half years working part time climbing the ladder. I fulfilled one dream of mine, while part time at 62KGW I worked afternoons at KSWB in Seaside, Oregon and lived right on the beach. I did that for a year until I discovered the smaller the radio town the smaller the paycheck.

Finally, after short radio stays in Salem and Dallas, Oregon I worked my way into full time Skyview Traffic at 62KGW. Total time at Super 62 was eleven years. I worked every shift from overnights to afternoons to mornings. In 1989 the Big 62 went all-talk and I went bye-bye. Crossed town and worked at K-103 with my buddy Craig Walker doing traffic. After one year at K-103 I ended up in the Emerald City, Seattle, Washington where I worked at K-Lite and KJR-FM as Scott Ingram.

Five years and about two hundred trips up and down the I-5 freeway it was time to come home. I'll never forget stopping the U-Haul on the West Seattle Bridge and saying goodbye to a city that treated me very well and I had grown very fond of. Sad as I was at that moment, when I rumbled down the freeway and caught a glimpse of the big ole' Trojan Nuclear Tower, I was elated. I knew Oregon and home was less than an hour away. This time I was home for good.

You may remember a morning show in Portland starring Scotty and Marie on Q-105 and then on Mix 95.5. S and M on the A.M. Marie Dodds was my radio partner then and has been one of my best friends for over thirty years. In 1998 I became a KISN Good Guy on 97.1 KISN FM. Now I am happy to spend workdays with you from 10am to 3pm on 106.7 The Eagle!

My wife Adele and daughter Veronica and I live in Portland with our dog Thunder and cats Shadow and Diamond. We love Christmas lights, we love riding our bikes, going to Sunriver and we really, really love DISNEYLAND!